Tomorrow, December 7th was going to be a joyous day – hopefully still will be – but one that will be hung with the veil of sadness at the loss, the world’s loss, of our Madiba.

So it will be in his spirit, and in his honour, that we’ll be launching WOMAN ZONE’S Walk and Talk route in the Mother City between 10.30 and 12.00 noon on a bright windy Cape day.

Madiba and Diana

Madiba and Diana

The Mogalakwena Gallery in Church St where the launch is happening, is across the road from Mandela Rhodes place – so his force will be near. And one of the destinations on the Walk is St George’s Cathedral where years ago I remember seeing the tall, smiling President coming down the steps with Queen Elizabeth II at his side. I’m reminded of the line about ‘Who’s that little white-haired old lady with Mandela?’

Madiba and Zachie

Madiba and Zachie

But one of the things I like (hate saying it in the past tense) best about Madiba was his genuine interest in other people. How many times have I heard people say how he remembered something about them from a previous meeting and bothered to recall it. I just love that he listened, really listened, and cared. And hugged. Maybe its this leaf that we’re taking from his book, because the Woman’s Walk and Talk is all about women walking and talking together and sharing their experiences – in particular their experience of being a woman in Cape Town. And listening.

Just Madiba

 If you can be with us, please do – the Mogalakwena gallery is so worth a visit anyway. At the moment they have an exhibition of African fashion on display (including a Madiba shirt!) as well as exquisite embroidered pictures and pieces done at their Craft Art Village in Limpopo. If you can’t actually be there in person, well then do please be with us in spirit – Madiba’s spirit of reconciliation and unity, of listening, caring and sharing. Thanks for listening.

And if you’d like to do the Woman Zone Walk and Talk, or part of it, check it out on http://mapmyway.co.za/placecategory/womans-walk-and-talk/


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