Biggest most impressive CAPE TOWN ROCK is Table Mountain, all 300 odd million years of her (age varies depending on the source, but she’s way older than the Himalayas which gives her huge geo-cred.) She’s got a new badge of honour now – one of the 7 Wonders of Nature  – and this Sunday, on a cloudy shroudy early morning at the lower cable station, the new plaque was unveiled by Mamma Mayor Patricia de Lille , Bernard Weber and  Jean-Paul de la Fuente Founder and Director respectively of the New 7 Wonders, watched by a battery of internationals and local press  to the sound of the Ama Ambush marimbas and choir. Afterwards we all circled up to the top in the  spiralling cable cars to join the dassies for a celebration breakfast. Couldn’t see your hand in front of your face at the summit – but hey, what’s Table Mountain without her cloth. 

 Another much loved CTR is Kirstenbosch the gardens spread below Castle Rock. On one of the new Centenary Walks recently I met one of the gardeners John Stanfield. He says he’s the luckiest man in the world who loves his job so much, it brought tears to my eyes.

Mervyn Sloman qualifies as a bit of a CTR for his committment to books. His baby The Book Lounge turned 5 years old this weekend – and did I see a tear in his eye as he cut the book-cake?

The good old SABC building on Sea Point beachfront is a bit of Rock too – though she had a few of her windows blown out in the Southeaster recently. From this bastion of broadcasting, on International Disability Day yesterday, a solidarity of staff stepped out along the prom led by 39 year old Claire Fransman, holding a banner to mark the occasion. Claire contracted polio aged 3 but it hasn’t stopped her becoming a table tennis champion. Go girl – you rock!

ps: Claire features in the Look At Me exhibition of beautiful differently abled women on display at the SABC if you want to pop in and have a look.

And Cape Town really rocked last night – to the sound of Lady Gaga at the Stadium – and by all accounts blew the roof off for her little monster fans – including our Charlize!

I mean does Cape Town Rock or what! DSC02223 (Small)DSC02212 (Small)DSC02226 (Small)DSC02231 (Small)

DSC02199 (Small)


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