Coming off a low-base, e-speaking, I’ve been doing my best to get my head around Social Networking. A couple of years back Glowoman Bettina – in exchange for a few interview techniques – gave me a quick dummy’s guide to Facebook. Later the lovely photo-social Abigail set up this WordPress page for me (I know I know of course I should have done it myself) but I am eternally grateful for her great patience in the face of raw thickness. More recently, courtesy Hippo Communications and net-comms-guru Lynne, I did a Blogging Course. At the Cape Town Science Centre. Great space – inspirational quotes on walls, buttons to press, discovery city. We sat  in a room fringed with computers – me and my starting block tribe: Tourism Merle, Animal Rights Marda, Landscaper Janet, Consumer Lorraine, Biblical Trevor, Allergy Parenting Shirley, Granny Christine, Interiors Lisa….a limitless flotilla of entrepreneurship. Longing to chat, but too busy taking notes as Lynne unveils the great big infinite blogosphere. Mind blowing stats. All fired and set to go. So inspired I invite Lynne and guest speaker Seven (nom-de-blog) who has eight children, home schools them all and blogs into the night – onto the show (Otherwise: Talking Women SAfm) to share the wisdom. Fun.

As I write Lynne’s rules come back to haunt me: Don’t be boring, don’t be a clone, don’t be unpleasant, don’t be irrelevant (oh lord, am I relevant?).


Even more recently, in the interests of SEO (Search Engine Optimismation – but YOU know that) I got to do an SMW (Social Media Workshop) with Wildrunner Claire. Fellow delegates, a whole new entrepreneurial tribe: Health Gourmet caterer, Bed Shop Franchisee, Graphic Consultant, Web Wonder…..Claire offers more F/B and T golden truths: A page is not a person, share, like, don’t be long winded, best time to post is 2pm Tuesday or Thursday, engage, be quick, be careful – everyone is listening – strategise!


So, armed to the teeth with knowledge, I’m so up for all this – and then – whoosh – a nightful of lightening wipes out my internet connection. Modum zapped, just like that.  So much for my new social working career…..good thing I met all those nice people in person! xx



One response to “SOCIAL-EYESING goes IN A FLASH

  1. Bets|GloWoman 16/11/2012 at 7:21 am

    Nancy you’re a natural and such a pro – you don’t need to remember ‘the rules’ – just express YourSelf as you always have done and you’ll Rock it, the way you always do 🙂
    Love and Hugs Xox

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