1 – I went to the launch of Body Worlds last week. An exhibition of bodies – whole and in parts – plastinated and revealed in all their finest detail and skin-free. Plastination? The process of embalming, dissecting, water and fat removal, impregnation with polymer, positioning and curing. Phew – still with me?

Amongst the former living beings, is a woman coyly sitting on a swing. Head tilted, eyeballs fixed on the viewer and torso neatly splayed open so you can see what lies within. It makes a girl think very hard about the temple she’s walking around in.

There’s also evidence in the exhibition of the effects of disease – cancer, arthritis, AIDS – which makes a girl think even harder. As does a section described as The Cycle of Life covering tiny thumb sized embryonic beginnings right through to the ageing process. The exhibition requires a strong stomach and an open mind.

It’s on at the Breakwater Boulevard at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town until end January 2013. Certainly something to think about www.bodyworlds.co.za

 2 – On a more vital note – though I’m sure you’ll see the connection – we talked about the Body Bill of Rights on OTHERWISE last week. Chatted to poet who penned the piece, Lebo Mashile and editor of marie-claire who conceived of and published it, Asparsia Karras. We had a a fun chat, but the message seriously warrants attention, especially given how things can be for women. There’s more, but these are the main points:

. My body has the right to exist

. My body has the right to be heard

. My body has the right to bleed without shame, secrecy or fear

. My body has the right to be loved and honoured

. My body has the right to freedom from violence

. My body has the right to health

I think it’s worth signing, so I did – here’s the link, check it out http://www.marieclairvoyant.com/body-issue/body-bill-of-rights


3 – Whilst we’re on the body thing, just thought I’d pop this one in – I had a mammogram last week – thanks to friend E who thoughtfully and thriftily noticed there was a special on for breast cancer awareness month at Groote Schurr UCT private hospital. ‘Uncomfortable procedure but not painful’ said the leaflet. Well – it was at least quick (I don’t have much to look at) and the mercy was, all clear. Lucky? Yup. Grateful? Very.



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