Women! Evidenced in three recent Cape Town events:

Gender Climate Change workshop

GREEN: The Gender Climate Change workshop. A two-day event coinciding with toyi-toying SATAWU comrades at Community House in Salt River. It was awash with women from all over the country. Convener Yvette Abrahams raised her voice to welcome them above the Viva chanting background. Latecomers, some with babies on their backs squeezed into the already packed hall. Nokuzola Bulana from Khayelitsha says it’s not just climate change that bedevils her vegetable garden consortium, but leaking water pipes and air pollution that spoils the crops. This is a discussion that will extend way beyond these two days. www.gendercc.net

The BWA collecting for SUBZ

PADDED: The  Business Women’s Association, Cape Town Chapter held a Waterfront breakfast to put out word on their very personal project. It’s all about Restoring Dignity to Young Girls by supplying them with sanitary ware so that they a) don’t have to stay at home from school for a week every month, totalling 12 weeks each year b) learn about and not be ashamed of their bodies c) can live a whole life and be empowered. Washable pad and pantie packs called SUBZ are manufactured by Sue Barnes in KZN. It’s a job creation project and as orders are placed, so they can be made up. BWA are hoping to raise around R2 million so they can place an order big enough to supply 3000 girls in six schools over three years. 1 pack (9 pads, 3 panties) costs just R150. To support the project call Cheryl 0861 292 278. www.bwasa.co.za

Embroidering at Taunina

EMBROIDERED: At the launch of Taunina in a Woodstock atelier, a tableful of women sit quietly, focused on the meticulous embroidery they’re doing on the body parts of heirloom teddy bears and flop-eared rabbits. They are producing a range of exquisite soft toys, a selection of which have just been snapped up by Bundle boutique, haunt of celebrities in Manhattan, NYC. Each encrusted creature takes about a week to make and when I say exquisite…..they are collectors items that come in their own portable hat boxes and sell for between 1,800 and R3,600. The philosophy at Taunina = Tau (lion in Sotho) and nina (No Income No Assets referring to the situation of the previously disadvantaged embroiderers before they came here) is to deliver ‘a luxury brand that changes lives.’ www.taunina.com


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