Fourteen women, mismatching tea-cups, melt-in-the-mouth cheese cake and a lot of listening.

 At the launch of his second Open Book Festival in Cape Town, Mervyn Sloman of The Book Lounge said ‘If you have a feeling to do something and you don’t act on it, it can’t have been very strong.’ My feeling to make a sharing space for women has been very strong, but very buried for a very long time.

It finally blinked in the light yesterday, so new and underformed as to be pre-foetal, but it was a start. It happened at The Kitchen – where else would a group of women get together to do some creative thinking – around a long green and fertile refectory table.

The cast was:

Marjolijn, Ayanda, Sindiwe, Deborah, Gerry, Kush, Michele, Hale, Madelein, Nosipho, Khanyiswa, Karen, Kim and Nancy.

The first conversation included:

Who are you, who is she, what is the problem and what could the WOMAN ZONE be?

We shared a lot of stuff and heard some very different insights, experiences and opinions.

At this stage The WOMAN ZONE is a space for just that. A Pop-Up platform wherever and for whomever there is a need for women to talk, share and be heard.

We hope at the second conversation to take it a step further. Because of where we are that will be here in Cape Town, the Mother City for the moment, but if you’d like to be part of it. Let me or co-Zone partner Kim know – we’re on, respectively:

nancyrichards@intekom.co.za 083 431 9986 or hello@kimwinter.co.za 082 379 3337

ps: If you haven’t been to The Kitchen in Woodstock (Michele Obama has – just saying, in case you need another opinion), do go for the warmth of the welcome, choice of tea cups and unforgettable cheesecake.  nx


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