More received wisdom from the UCT Graduate School of Business Women in Leadership programme – Module Two:

. Take ownership by using ‘I’ as in self, rather than ‘one’ as in another.

. Don’t let fear stop you being the person you could be.

. To be fully authentic you need to be prepared to show your vulnerability.

. If you repeatedly tell your story as a victim, you will remain a victim.

. Celebrate the people you don’t like for what they are teaching you.

. If someone is out of control, nothing you say will make a difference.

. If you are out of control, beware behaving like your childhood self.

. Some businesses employ a ‘queen’ to guard the company’s internal values or ‘the manners your mother taught you.’

. To effect successful change, focus on the people not the process.

. To transform successfully look at how your actions will also be of benefit locally, socially and globally.

. Work with facts and data not assumptions.

. People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.

. To get answers successfully, first you have to craft the question carefully.

. A question framed positively is more likely to achieve a positive answer.

. Ease creates creativity, urgency creates focus but quells creativity.

. ‘I make mistakes, mistakes make me.’ Helena Dolny

Thanks for the wisdom to organisers: Marjolijn Dijksterhuis, Beverley Damonse and Nondwe de Caires, to facilitators: Chris Breen, Mandy Lebides and Maryse Barak and to all the wonderful women who shared the experience. nx


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