The magic circle

Some received wisdom from the 2012 University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business Women in Leadership programme:

1 – More effective results come from a task done slowly, mindfully than speedily.

2 – Your (full) attention is the best gift you can give another.

3 – Do not type when someone is talking to you.

4 – Thinking in partners is way more productive than going round in circles alone.

5 – The ‘ladder of inference’ quickly takes you to a place on confirmed bias.

6 – Be careful of what you assume.

7 – Selfishness is OK if it’s ‘proper’.

8 – The success of an intervention is dependent on the interior condition of the intervener. William O’Brian

9 – Intentions frame the journey.

10 – It’s proven that people perform better if they are appreciated.

11 – The mind that holds the challenge holds the key to the solution.

12 – There is no learning in a comfort zone.

13 – You are more effective if you are fully present.

14 – Mirror dancing is a key to a creative partnership.

15 – The stiumlation of listening to the opening minds of other women is immeasurable.

 With grateful thanks to all who shared.  nx


2 responses to “WOMEN IN THE LEAD

  1. Shertina 17/06/2012 at 7:43 pm

    Thanks for sharing, you are awesome

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