No turning back. The Camino day has dawned, Saartjie the rucksack is nearly packed and hoping to heaven she wont weigh more than the 8kgs that we’re told is tops for comfortable carrying. Sunshine yellow waterproof, check…..sun block, check…. and got the smallest drawing book for just in case. All we’ve got to do now is a million minutiae before getting to the airport – next stop Madrid, train to Leon then the long 320 km walk to Santiago with best buddy Odette.

Today on OTHERWISE, the womans radio show I present on SAfm, I’ll be talking to Synnov Skorge, Director of the Saartjie Baartman Centre for abused women and children in Manenberg, Cape Town. The work they do to support and repair women damaged by abuse is immeasurable. But if they dont get some serious funding soon, they may have to close down. It wasn’t the original reason for doing the Camino – but it has become the motivating, most important driving force. If our walk raises enough money for just one more day it will have been worth it, but most of all I hope raises awareness of the Centres circumstances and those of the women that they work so caringly to nurture back to happiness. You can donate if you’d like to and are able,, type my name in the search box – but don’t feel any pressure, I know only too well how tight times are – and what would be better still, is if you could just to spare a thought around how domestic violence, gender violence can be eliminated from our society. Maybe if we all take a stand together…..? But lets talk… the meantime, we just walk and will be thinking too. Thank you for reading this. If you’d like to know more    nxx



  1. Adriaan Joubert 01/06/2012 at 1:13 pm

    Hi Nancy, I heard you speak on the radio today. I think it’s wonderful what you do for women’s rights. I was wondering though – since I’m going on the Camino in a week – whether there is ample drinkable water on the route, or do you have to buy bottled water? Also, can I just go with my credit card, or do I need hard currency to get around? Thanks so much and great talk show! Love your voice! Yay I’m so excited!

    • NancyVRichards 13/06/2012 at 7:15 pm

      Thank you Adriaan – I so appreciate your comment, and feel priveleged that I have been able to do what I do….and there’s still so much more to be done – stay tuned nx

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