Put 200 women in a room and for sure it’s going to be noisy. But the delegates at the 7th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference hosted by Quality Life at the International Development Corporation were impressively attentive. Rightly so. There was a lot to absorb. To give you a sense, here’s just some of what I learned in the short period before we broadcast OTHERWISE: Talking Women on SAfm live from the venue:

. Aside from being 52% of the population, 48% of the workforce, women have immeasurable ‘capital’  and make 80% of the household purchasing decisions.

. Women don’t like ‘pink dressed’ campaigns or messages that are potentially patronising. 

. Beware the complacency zone, seek the purpose zone.

. Of the worlds 190 heads of state, only 9 are women.

. 57% of men but only 7% of women negotiate their salary.

. Success and likeability correlate better for men than for women

. ‘Sitting at the table’ means taking your place at decision-making level.

. ‘Keeping you hand up’ means waiting until your question gets answered.

. You’re never too old to make a contribution to society.

. You are the CEO of you.

. Choose the right people in your life and in your work.

. Finish whatever you start.

. Make your partner a real partner.

. Little boys are never called bossy.

. If you can see through the glass ceiling you can break through it.

. Beware the sticky floor.

. The glass ceiling, in some business, is reinforced with concrete.

. Displays of anger and bitterness are not helpful.

. Maintain eye contact. Don’t weep.

. Be impeccable with your word. Do as you say.

. Women care, men take charge.

. If women don’t take responsibility for it, it may be 500 years before there is parity between men and women.

. Feminism is not a dirty word.

. 200 million people worldwide blog, it must serve a purpose.

. A blook is a combo of a book and a blog (but you knew that).

.  A vlog is a video blog.

. For better or worse your heritage will impact on your life, address it.

. If you have something to say, say it.

. Rewrite and update your life’s strategy on an annual basis.

Thanks to:

Phuti Mahanyele, Debby Edelstein, Anne Pratt, Shafinaaz Hassim, Jo-Ann de Wet, Sheryl Sandberg, Elizabeth Debold, Tanya Kovarsky, Tali Nates, Lebohang Litha, Lauren Siebrits.



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