This week in Cape Town….. walked with the ghost of a winelands slave woman named Sannie de Goede, in headphones.

Listened to her lyrical stories of loves and losses, smiled and wept as the slave bell tolled and the sjambok whipped. I also spoke to Brett Bailey who wrote the 21 Gables heritage audio walking tour at the Spier estate in Stellenbosch.  Now there’s a man with a pen that pricks the emotions. Also spoke to bubbly actress Jill Levenberg who plays Sannie – and who brought her mum along to do the tour too. For mum Carol who’s own girlhood was spent in service, it felt very close to home. You can hear more about the tour and Sannie’s stories on OTHERWISE: Talking women, SAfm 104-107 this Friday, Freedom Day – 27th April between 1 and 2pm.


And on the Taste of Cape Town in Green Point, in the shadow of both Table Mountain and the Cape Town stadium, still time to go – last session today Sunday till 5.

If you try nothing else, do NOT miss the Veloute with prawns, coconut and lemon grass at La Colombe stand – served in the ultimately recyclable container – an egg-shell. Ten points for flavour, even more for planetry sensibility. Question: what did they do with all the eggs?  nx


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