Birds, Mice, Long and Vocal

This week in Cape Town…..squeaked in some of the last of the seasons productions.

Starting with The Birds by Aristophanes at sunrise at the Kirstenbosch stone amphitheatre directed by Roy Sergeant, players from Siyasanga Acting Company. Fun crazy play, mad costumes in a spectacular setting with real feathered flyers in the sky adding to the drama. Writer Sindiwe Magona in the audience picking up some tips from the Greeks. On till the 15th Jan

And The Mousetrap – Agatha Christie whodunnit classic celebrating 60 years on the boards. On at Theatre on the Bay till Jan 14. Bit of a squeal – took bets on the murderer at interval. JC won!

Caught the last performance of Vocal is Lekka at the Baxter studio theatre – Alistair Izobel productions turned up a serious musical crowd  pleaser of uber-talented guys strutting their vocal and move ranges. Audience on their feet. Sadly all over.

Less of a production, more of a princess experience is a window shoppers trip with O down the top end of Long Street from the Indoor Baths to Church Street. Street and vintage fashion gone mad. Favourite cupboard sized shops were Meanwhile, Michelene and Milk with Christopher Strong a more serious contender with padded cell change room. Bought a tucked, waisted pink Miro-print revival day frock from Meanwhile  had restorative tea at Cafe Mozart in Church street out of mealie shaped teapots. Only in Cape Town.

Back to work tomorrow – enough of all this gadding about.  nx


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