This week in Cape Town…..

Warm, fuzzy gold stars to The Mount Nelson hotel who provided the free-of-charge venue for this years Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards. Against a background of vice corruption it’s just amazing to hear about the people who, without looking for applause or celebrity, just come forward to do something about our glaring social inequalities.

There were ten winners in all – taking my vote as favourites were Dwyn Griesel and Bridgette Mamugubudi. Dwyn is the founder of the Kronendal Music Academy of Hout BayUsing her inheritance from her father, she started the music centre 4 years ago in an effort to bring together the divided community of Hout Bay in Cape Town. A couple of years ago Bridgette  quit her job,  cashed in her R50,000 pension to set up the Litshani Vhana Vhade Foundation for around 150 orphaned children in rural Limpopo.  You so seriously just want to hug such women – these and all the winners. I also wanted to hug Professor Jonathan Jansen, guest speaker, rector of the University of The Free State and author of Letter to My Children – who not only gave a real and honest speech but who also settled down in front of the baby grand (this was the Mount Nelson remember) and played Somewhere Over the Rainbow like a maestro. Follow that eh!  

Riding for light and sound

And following the call for social sustainability were the people who joined Africa’s first ever Carrotmob – what’s called a buycott whereby a business is chosen for the good work it does for the environment/community. People ‘mob’ there and the extra monies raised go back into keeping up or raising the good work being done. It happened Friday 18th at Maria’s Greek Restaurant in Cape Town – where pretty much everything is recycled – left over food goes thro their wormery, as many ingredients as possible are -or bought in local, solar and gas power, mussel shells crushed up for floor finish, raw wood, LED candlelight – all that sort of thing. And a good time was had by all. Two power bikes were brought in for the occasion and people had to pedal furiously to keep the lighting and the music going.

Talking food – off to the Eat Out Awards tonight – a glittering gourmet occasion that requires a great deal of digestion!

Speak soon nx



  1. ganifa 22/11/2011 at 8:34 am

    I wish I could have been at the Nelly for the celebration. Dwyn Griesel is an inspirational woman and the Academy in Hout Bay is doing great work. I’m intrigued to read about Maria’s Greek Restaurant and will have to visit it next time I’m in CT.

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