Manenberg heritage whales

…..last two weeks in Cape Town

Heritage Tree Population

…..saw Manenberg on the Cape Flats go green. On Heritage Day I joined 500 others for the Treevolution in an area better known for tik than timber.  Greenpop organised a Day of 1000 Trees planting indigenous and fruit trees in 17 locations, most of them schools.

At Downville Primary Luthando Renqe from

Luthando's Heritage Day Tree

 Namkwa gave a circle of us adults and kids a demo on how best to get a tree well grounded. First he cleared the freshly dug hole of water guzzling grass ‘gangsters’, sprinkled it with compost and fertiliser pellets, added a carton of ‘dri-water’ then covered up with soil, mulch and care. The ‘Little Apple’ named by a Downville learner got off to a great start in life.

Greenpop Tree Planters

Proudly Flowery Manenberg

So, Proudly Manenberg is prouder still now that it has branched out. Great stuff Greenpop.

Meanwhile down in De Kelders round the corner from Gaansbaai, shark diving mecca, heritage foodie and designer Neil Stemmet  is incensed at the lack of interest on the part of the municipality who each year at this time ride their tractors rough shod over open fields of spring flowers and fynbos in the interests of firebreaking. Luckily Neil and his partner David Patrick have more than made up for it by the wrap around indigenous planting that embraces their sustainably stylish De Kelders private villa guest house. A place to restore soul and spirit in the knowledge that just metres away is the coastline that was home to some of Africa’s earliest ancestors – and in the bay beyond, swim those mighty mammals. Ask Neil and he’ll sort you out a kayaking trip to go and join them.
speak soon nx 

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