Wally and The Light

This week in Cape Town……….

I bought a painting. It’s called Make Poverty History and it’s by Wally from the Enabling Art Centre at the Orion Centre for the disabled in Atlantis, a poor, neglected and tough area in the Cape. They had an exhibition and silent auction of some of their work at Five Flies restaurant in Keerom Street. When Wally was eleven he was working as a fruit picker. He  fell off the truck, suffered a head injury and has been epileptic ever since. He loves painting at the centre where he’s given a chance to be creative and to be somebody.  Orion’s EAC (Enabling Art Centre) is giving lots people with stories similar to, in many cases worse than, Wally’s – a chance. They’re worth supporting. www.orion-friendship.org

And visited the Light from Africa in Cecelia Forest with friend A. They’re in a fantastic location, in a cool bit of architecture with mighty glass walls overlooking the deep green suburbs and Cape flats. I’m no potter, but if it meant a chance to work here, I could be tempted. They call themselves an art ‘hub’ – resident ceramic workers, visiting designers, art exhibitions and functions. A percentage of all money made goes to supporting orphaned and vulnerable children, which is how the ‘light’ is spread. Ardmore is also represented here and you can lust after their utterly exquisite giraffe coffee cups, monkey bowls and plant covered platters – and see some samples of their new fabric range. You can also have tea, but it was a bit too cool as the shadows lengthened so we went in search of sunlight.

….till next week – nx


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