Emily and Cream at Paddington

This week in Cornwall…..

Went on a serious hunt for the roots of Emily Hobhouse – heroine of the Anglo-Boer and ‘bloody woman’ much loathed by the Brits of the time.  Found the house where she was born in 1860 – pretty much unchanged – The Old Rectory in St Ive (pronounced St Eve)  – her father was the vic at the 14th century church across the road. A miniature statue of her on an altar indicates her role in British history……but veteran Edith, present resident of the Rectory thinks she was pretty impressive. We drive the moors where she would have walked….dodging stray sheep and stay in Liskeard (pronounced Lis-gard) Market Town where Charles 1st once stayed over. Is it me – or is every last pavement and hillock of England crawling with history!

The Emily route took us to quaint St Ives – crawling with England on holiday – and the Porthminster hotel which has absorbed the wee house that the ageing, impecunious Emily bought with the money the grateful Boers raised for her post war.  It also took us to the archive centre nestled between cream tea and Cornish pasty outlets – and the recently awarded Best in England restaurant on the Porthminster Beach…..where we treated ourselves, royally.

Liskeard was also a treat – thanks to the hospitable S whose piano rendition of Lavenders Blue Dilly Dilly will hopefully soon be aired on SAfm…….

Back in London – streets of Paddington are hot and steamy – busy and exciting. Sister F and I had our picture taken next to the well-worn bronze of Paddington’s famous Bear…….speak soon – nx

ps – hopefully there’ll be more on all of the stories above – as soon as  get them processed


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