London Game Name-Dropping and Royal Dance

This week in London……

…it’s bright, sunny, beautiful – and hectic.  After two days in jaunty Dublin with son J and a deliciously pampered stay at Dunbrody Country House in the soft green, rain fresh landscape  of County Wexford further south – anything that moved faster than an overfed snail would seem hectic.  Celebrity chef and owner Kevin Dundon treated and fed us royally at Dunbrody – where the kitchen garden burgeons with fresh ingredients (quite something to be eating  the courgette flowers seen growing that morning) and the cotton tail rabbits are kept at bay with a topsy scarecrow.

Here in London – with the Olympic Games exactly a year away – joined the celebrations in Trafalgar Square in the company of PM David Cameron, Mayor Boris Johnson and Princess Anne – not to mention President of the IOC Jaques Rogge, teams of athletes,  performers, the BBC and a million visitors from every corner of the globe. Humbling. More so was meeting Lord Seb Coe, Chair of the London Olympics for a quick but vital interview in his glass and steel offices in Canary Wharf.  A two hour walking tour of the Olympic Park was a mind blowing  experience of just a fraction of what has and is still to go into these Games. The line is On Time and Under Budget – but it’s much more besides. With a price tag of 9 billion pounds and a city of 8,5 million people – one can only say that this will be an event of olympic proportions in every sense.

Treat of note was a visit to the Royal Opera House to see a triple bill by the Russian Mariinsky (ex Kirov) Ballet Company dancing Chopiniana, The Firebird and Scheherazade……beyond description.

Next stop St Ives in Cornwall to see the one-time home of Emily Hobhouse, heroine of the Anglo-Boer war… watch this space…..nx


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