Eco Penguins Laughing

This week in Cape Town…………..                                                 June 19 2011

………just got back from an overnight in Simon’s Town, wearing its winter colours which meant no big bus loads of tourists to buy up the beaded wares on Jubilee Square and the  penguins at Boulder’s Beach were able to nest in peace. There with Friend E to celebrate her birthday and  ‘test drive’ Magellan’s Passage eco-lodge for a small piece in Country Life magazine – 

That piece is still to come, but as a heads-up, the  ‘eco’ bit pressed my enviro-button and it was interesting to learn that owners of Magellan’s, Tony and Lilian de Magalhaes are in the sustainability business with  supplying eco-systems to the building trade. Hence Magellan’s is double-glazed, fitted with PV panels, grey water systems and fully into recycling. All good. Also good was a morning run on the fynbos fringed trail at the back of the property where the view of the bay was breathtaking – could also have been the run, but either way it set me up for a perfectly presented boiled egg breakfast. ps: we peeked in on the penguins nesting under the gnarled trees alongside the boardwalk. They looked pretty chilled.          


Also this week in Cape Town, timed for Youth Month, was the launch of the Zabalaza Theatre Festival at the Baxter. Snap shots from each of the 12 Festival productions, put together by  upcoming community thespians, were rolled into one, hugely energetic, throbbing opening night.  The lady in the seat next to me, who knew all the words to all the productions was ululating, applauding and up for a standing ovation even before it was over. Although I didn’t understand much of the Xhosa dialogue – I was right with her,  infectious stuff – and on till June 25th. ps: Zabalaza means strive, as in ‘I will zabalaza to learn more Xhosa.’

Also at the Baxter is The Vodacom Funny Festival. The opening night, chockers with Capetonians of all colours who like to laugh, was a triumph of good old down-to-earth feel-good humour and performance that left no one wriggling uncomfortably and wishing they hadn’t brought their mother. My best is Shimmy Isaacs who cracks me up every time with her Voosterrrr (Worcester) routine. Impressed by the shimmying body of Aussie Kalki Henenberg who does her thing as a drunk spinning hula hoops from tit to toe (sorry) and MC Alan Committie is just a hoot.  Funny Festival runs till July 10 – and 10 points to the indefatigable Eddy Cassar who puts it together every year.

Speak next week – nx


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